About Us


How we started

It all dates back to December 2005 where Circum Group started with its flagship ICT arm (Circum Technologies) as an ICT equipment sales outlet. We officially became a Limited Liability Company on the 2nd of August 2006. On this same day, Circum Technologies, also known as CTL, was officially born.

From here on, we gradually morphed into what we know today as Circum Group: A group of companies operating a diverse portfolio of businesses. Our metamorphosis was truly ignited by our decision to try to enlarge our business coast. Encouraged by the success of our ICT equipment sales outlet, we invested our resources in exploring and establishing ourselves as Project Management and Business Development service providers, going beyond the borders of ICT equipment sales. This led to the creation of another subsidiary company known as Mediact Interactive. Offering project management and business development services over the years, we grew, both in experience and expertise, the ability to develop, plan out and execute ideas from conception to market delivery. This particularly trained our eyes to spot opportunities in the market place and trained our hands to seize them. Consequently, we progressively began to further broaden the scope of our services. Owing to the increase in scope of services rendered, Circum Group created an internal business development arm, Circum Nigeria Limited (CNL). Subsequently, CNL became the outlet for developing new business ideas the group intended to be involved in, developing other arms of business operations in new areas of interest especially for non-ICT services.

This group of companies, with businesses spread across diverse sectors, has its humble beginning as an ICT equipment sale outlet, where how we operated then can be rightly said to be diametrically contrasting to how we operate now.

Who we are

Now, we are a group of leading companies operating a portfolio of businesses across diverse industries.

Our Vision

We exist to be a leading innovative solutions and implementation group of companies.

Our Mission

We seek to satisfy customers’ needs, add value to staff and be exemplary leaders to the nation


Whilst our growth consciousness is not one of our heralded values, it is the foundation upon which our other values rest. Our growth consciousness is the primary reason we transformed from an ICT equipment sales outlet to a group of companies. Our audacity to venture into uncharted territories, discover unearthed potential through the crucible of challenges and become by experience, is why we are where we are and why we are who we are. For us, to grow is to dare to do in order to become.


At Circum Group, we believe that innovation is discovered where impossibility is not recognized. We don’t say we can’t, rather we ask “How can we?” This is how we think. It is our mindset and mentality: to believe there is always a way, to discover it, to implement it, and to do so efficiently.


We steadfastly apply effort until the desired result is attained. This, for us, is dedication: effort unto results. The evidence of our efforts made is the result we attain. This is our self-imposed standard: until result is attained, effort should not cease.


The advancement of the human race has been geometrically progressing primarily since the inception of the industrial revolution unto the present internet age. With such pace of progression comes the desire for faster results. Consequently, for us, staying afloat is staying ahead. Having an innate compulsion to be ahead, we are able to speedily provide solutions. Our speed is not in our pace of delivery but our positioning in the process.